We here at Grand Cru Co are proud to announce that the opening day of our new shop in Beckenham is almost upon us! On Saturday the 11th of July we open our doors to the public for the first time and we hope you will come down and visit us so that we can assist you face-to-face with all of your wine needs; from wine itself and drinking and storage accessories all the way to books and ourselves helping you find the right bottle that suits your tastes.
From normal single bottles up to Nebuchadnezzars we have it all, and if we don't then feel free to ask! Our selection is attacked from all angles to make sure that we have chosen the best of the best of each variety and region. On top of this, we will have an open bottle of a number of wines so that you can try a few each week and reassure yourself that your choice is definitely the one for you.
We are also currently running a competition to win a magnum of André Clouet Rosé worth £59.95. Just reply to the email with your full name to be entered into the draw, the winner will be chosen on our opening day but we can post to absolutely anywhere in the UK so its up for grabs by anyone!
We hope to see you soon, best regards,
Grand Cru Team