Not many people can say no to a Margaux and ours is a particularly beautiful expression of this revered region. Some information is headed your way!

In 1932, Château Angludet was one of six châteaux to be promoted to the rank of Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel. The estate then passed into the hands of Paul Six for a period of nearly twenty years. Six was an industrialist who preferred to devote more time to his business activities than his vines and the vineyard consequently suffered neglect.

From 1953 on wards, Mr Thomas, the new owner, embarked on a major replanting programme but the harshwinter of 1956 destroyed all the young plants. Economic difficulties prevented the replanting of the lost vineyards, which were replaced by barley and wheat. In 1960, Angludet's vine covered a mere 7 hectares.

In 1961, Diana and Peter Sichel, the parents of the current generation of Sichels, bought the estate after falling in love with this unique site. Since then, Château Angludet has been the seat of the Sichel family.

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Réserve d'Angludet offers deliciously seductive aromas of sweet plums, ripe dark berry fruits and black cherries. The palate is rounded and supple with a smooth mouthfeel, balanced oak and a fine, elegant finish. Smooth with slightly gamey flavours and cedar oak tones, this is a classic and elegantly styled Bordeaux.

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