This week we will be looking at some of the the great wine producing areas of France. We have wines open from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Provence, the Rhone Valley and Alsace for you to try so do pop in for a cheeky taste!

Today's wine of the day...


Nicolas Potel Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2010 - Buy it here!
From Burgundy in the centre of France, this Pinot Noir is from one of the most respected Burgundian producers. With five years in the bottle, this wine has silky tannins and an intense fruit flavour. Try it with a Coq au Vin, although once you've tasted this Vin you might not have any left for dinner!


Saturday is here! And it's a nice one too. Grand Cru Co's wine of the day today is...


The Lost Block Heathcote Shiraz 2012 - Buy it here!
A returning one here! So good that it's flying off of our shelves. Fruity flavours flowing here and with gentle tannins gracing the palate you will need more than one of these to last the weekend. £12.10 a bottle.


Wine of the day time everyone! Today it comes from California..


La Crema Monterey Chardonnay 2012Buy it here!
This Chardonnay from California is one of the oakiest wines we have seen in a long time. With smokey nuances mixed in with creamy citrus flavours this one cannot be missed. Such a perfect example of what can happen when oak is used correctly! £17.15 a bottle.


Wine of the day...

Warwick Estate Pinotage 2013 - Buy it here!
This South African Pinotage is a real surprise - It's a bit like Cabernet Sauvignon's little brother! Light and refreshing with gentle tannins but still fruity and spicy, this wine will taste great at room temperature or lightly chilled on a warm day. Come and try some, it's just £13.95 a bottle.

Forget Friday, it's now Saturday! Even Better! And for a beautiful Saturday we have a beautiful Aussie one for you in our Wine of the Day!


Torbreck's Woodcutters R.V.M. - Buy it here!

The Australians have really gone all out with this one! With a huge nose showing off real refinement and precision in the making of this. Oaky and creamy but refreshing at the same time. Might have to get a couple myself at £18.40!


It's Friday! The weekend is almost upon us! But for now, our wine of the day is...


Lost Block Heathcote Shiraz 2012 - Buy it here!

This fantastic example of a Rhone varietal is one to write home about! An explosion of fruit on the nose and palate and graced with beautiful complexity, you'll need to get a few more bottles in before its gone! And with a price of £10.95 its affordable too.