2021 Gaia Wines Thalassitis Assyrtiko Santorini
£27.95 per bottle


A crisp, dry white from the idyllic island of Santorini

The wines of Greece have seen an upsurge in quality over the last few years with the days of taverna Retsina thankfully over. At the forefront of this renaissance are the white wines from Santorini made from its native grape Assyrtiko.
Gaia Wines first released their Santorini wine in 1994 and it has continued to develop in terms of quality since then. The volcanic soils of the island are ideal for grape production and give the Assyrtiko its classic mineral character. The vines used are over 80 years old which also gives the wine greater intensity.

Full bodied with very crisp acidity, this is a benchmark example of Assyrtiko with beautifully balanced flavours of beeswax and lime backed with a steely mineral edge.

An ideal match with grilled seafood and fish, it is also versatile enough to go well with white meats and vegetarian dishes.

Bored of the usual Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc? Give this Greek classic a try

Available online and in store for £27.95. By the bottle in the lounge £37.95 (including corkage). Vegan certified

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