It is with great pleasure that I invite you all to our inaugural online wine tasting webinar on Friday 27th of November!

We invite you to our online event where we shall be focusing our attention and tasting skills upon two wines, both of which are examples of beautiful Pinot noir from different countries. It's a simple, 1 hour event where we walk you through the foothills of Burgundy and Monterey with the deep knowledge of our resident fine wine expert Peter, and a helping hand from Andy, too. From the terroir of the areas, to the makers themselves, we will cover everything we can and help you get a deeper understanding of two of our most popular wines.

This time, it consists of...

The wonderful La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir and the famous Rully Rouge by Domaine Drouhin.

La Crema -

Drouhin Rully Rouge -

Both of these wines come in at £22.95 but grabbing a ticket to the event brings it to £40 total which also includes the event itself! All we need to get you invited is an email address so upon making your order we will collect this information and get you booked in. We will be using Microsoft Teams due to its lovely simple layout and ease of approach for all involved so don't be scared, all your need is a computer of any kind. It's nice and easy and if there are any problems we will do what we can to help you fix them before the event starts.

Friday 27th of November
7PM - 8PM
Two beautiful Pinot noirs
£40 per household

There are more than enough spaces to go round, so tell all your friends and family and join us for a lovely easy going evening of wine and laughs. Give us a call on 020 8650 0085, an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just purchase the ticket from this link: