Another day, another bottle. This Gavi di Gavi is a great way to start your week as many of our customers will happily tell you. Let's find out a little bit more...

Donato Lanati, one of Italy's best young consultants, began working with La Giustiniana at the beginning of 1998. His indelible stamp of quality has become increasingly evident in recent years. The changes wrought in the winery by Lanati are now being matched with the improvements being made in the vineyard, where better grapes are giving purer, richer and better balanced wines. The entire estate covers 110 hectares in the heart of the commune of Rovereto in Gavi, of which 40 are under vine. Two single vineyard wines are produced, both of which are unoaked so the character of each vineyard shines through.

La Giustiniana Gavi di Gavi 'Lugarara' 2016 @ £14.95 - Buy it here!

A straw yellow wine with hints of green. Lightly perfumed with fresh green apples and pears on the nose. The palate is riper with ripe, golden apples, fresh almonds and honey but still has the characteristic lively twist on the finish found in good Gavi.

We've had this crowd-pleaser for a long time and think it's here to stay for the moment! Cheers!

Another mention for the Seifried Estates Nelson Pinot Noir. 15% when you buy two or more at the moment! Definitely work a look. Wanna know a bit more before you buy? Have a little read...

From small beginnings in 1973, when Hermann Seifried and his New Zealand wife Agnes first planted grapes in the Moutere Valley near Nelson, this is a family business with a focus and passion for beautifully crafted wines.

2016 marks 40 years since the family's first grape harvest, and with all three Seifried children now fully involved in the business, over 250 hectares of sustainably accredited Estate owned vineyards, and exports to over 20 countries around the globe, there is indeed reason to celebrate. Seifried is a family business sharing their wines with the world and is home to the fabulous 'Sweet Agnes' Riesling - NZ's most awarded dessert wine.

"Fruity, fresh, varietal and very inviting bouquet of fresh dark cherry and light red fruits, some plum; baking spices of cinnamon and vanilla. Dry, fruity and flavourful with light red fruits of plum and cherry,light toast oak layer, medium+ acidity and fine tannins. Balanced and well made." 90 Points - Cameron Douglas MS, November 2015

So whenever you get at least two bottles of this stunning pinot noir we'll give you 15% off. That's something anyone can enjoy! Cheers!

A great one from the Rhone today! Southern too. This is one which we just had to get again and we're about to explain why...


Laurent and Julien Bréchet have long admired the potential of Lirac, in the Southern Rhône; when the owner of the Moulin des Chênes vineyard retired, they jumped at the chance to take over the vinegrowing there. Lirac lies to the west, across the river from Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is a Rhône Cru, with a heritage of vinegrowing that is just as long, although with mixed fortunes compared to its easterly neighbour. Quality has been varied, but with the arrival of a younger generation of growers and more modern technology, the potential of Lirac has been realised. The Bréchet brothers have 16 hectares of vines in total there.

Conditions for Lirac are similar to Châteauneuf-du-Pape: both are Mediterranean in climate with over 2500 hours of sunlight per year and a dry growing season that ensures consistently ripe, flavoursome wines.

Both have predominantly stony soils (Lirac also has the large pebbles or 'Galets Roulés' of its neighbour) supported by red clay underneath. The Mistral wind keeps the crop healthy and concentrates flavours in the berries.

Moulin des Chenes Lirac 2015 @ £13.95 - Buy it here!

Deep crimson in colour, with notes of strawberries and blackberries. On the palate, the wine has a velvety mouthfeel and fresh acidity. Redcurrant flavours continue through the mouthwatering finish.

This beauty will remain for a while but that doesn't mean you can wait! It moves incredibly fast. Cheers!

Snow! Snow in South London! It's a miracle! Our wine of the day is as golden as the sun reflecting off of the snow. A beautiful white rioja...

Izadi is based in Villabuena in the Rioja Alavesa, the highest part of Rioja. The hillside winery (whose precipitous slope allows for gravity assisted production) was founded in 1987 by Gonzalo Anton as a modern breakaway from the traditional style of wine produced by other members of his family. As his son Lalo, who now runs the estate, says: "the whole concept of Izadi really started around wanting to produce wine to satisfy the needs of our friends over a meal". Izadi produces modern, international wines that are true to their roots and a natural expression of the area.

The grapes for the Izadi wines are grown on 189 hectares of vineyard, all of which are either owned or leased on long term contracts, so Izadi have full control over production. Fruit for the Rioja Blanco comes from the Villabuena and Samaniego vineyards. All the vineyards have traditionally trained bush vines, a method which they believe gives better exposure of the grapes, leading to evenly ripe and matured fruit.

2016 harvest was characterised by its delayed progression, compared to the last 10 years. This delay was mainly due to low temperatures in spring. Early winter was very dry but the end of winter and beginning of spring saw some much needed rainfall, allowing for good vegetative growth of the vineyards before flowering. Little rainfall in summer meant berries were small in size but concentrated in flavour. Climatic conditions during the last stage of ripening produced grapes of extraordinary health, with an optimum balance between the technical and phenolic ripeness.


The grapes were hand harvested and then destemmed and softly crushed. The must was fermented in 100% new French (Bertomieu), fine grain oak casks, where it stayed for three months. Batonnage (lees stirring) took place daily for the first few weeks.

Izadi Rioja Blanco 2016 @ £12.95 - Buy it here!

The wine is straw yellow in colour with youthful tones. With succulent citrus and yellow stone fruit on both the nose and the palate, this well-balanced wine combines a richness and freshness frequently missing in white Rioja.

Loads of this in, our of the shop favourites for sure!

By a bit of luck we've managed to get a stonker of a bottle back into the shop. This Amarone went down an absolute treat the first time and we expect it to do the same again! Let's have a read...

The Torre del Falasco wines are the standard bearers of this co-operative, situated in the Valpantena, northeast of Verona. Known as the ’valley of god’ to the ancient Greeks, this area is well-known for its high quality red wines, due partly to the soils but also because of the cool breeze that blows down the valley from the foothills of the Dolomites. Run by Luca Degani since 1995, the Cantina di Valpantena is now one of Italy’s best co-operatives, with 700 hectares of vineyard producing excellent quality fruit. Matt Thomson makes some of the Alpha Zeta wines here and has worked closely with them since 1999.

The grapes for the Amarone are grown on the steeply terraced hillside vineyards belonging to the co-op, where soils are chalky and poor.


The summer brought abnormally high temperatures and a prolonged absence of rainfall. A providential downpour on 17th July, with 25mm of rain, managed to restore water reserves and bring the vegetation back into a state of equilibrium. In addition, abundant and much-needed rainfall at the beginning of September - about 80mm - changed the macroclimate substantially, bringing with it significant differences in day and night-time temperatures that produced a wide range of aromas and helped to retain acidity.


Once picked, the grapes dried for at least four months in the Valpantena drying centre where temperature and humidity are controlled to ensure slow, even drying. During this period, the grapes lost 40% in weight. After drying, the grapes were fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks at between 18-22°C with maceration for 20 days. Once fermentation was complete, the wine matured in French oak barriques for 18 months before bottling.

Torre del Falasco Amarone della Valpolicella 2012 @ £28.95 - Buy it here!

Deep ruby in colour, this wine has aromas of plums, spice and dried fruit compôte, which give way to a solid tannin structure that supports the concentrated, dried-cherry fruit character. Long and spicy on the finish, with a bitter cherry-chocolate twist characteristic of good Amarone.

Come grab a few of this beautiful beast. We love it!

In honour of the weekend finally being here, we thought we would show off a wine which has finally returned to us after a long wait: The Colombo & Fille Côtes du Rhône Blanc! A rising star from the Rhône and one of the youngest from the region. Made in limited quantities by Laure Colombo, this boutique label is an inspired and personal story best told by Laure herself:

"Growing up in Cornas has not always been an easy thing! I would have loved to take the tube to go to school, to spend my Wednesday afternoons at the public gardens and to feed the pandas at the zoo before sunset.

My parents never pushed me to follow in their footsteps and become a winemaker like them. Instead, I chose to travel - maybe because of all those bottles from around the world! I travelled until one smoggy morning in New Delhi I realised that the magic potion from my childhood was taking hold! I was missing the vines and the cellar that were so familiar to me. It's when you are far away that the things that are so common become so precious! Without noticing it my roots were coming back.

Since that morning, the magical potion has invaded my entire person and the passion had become a reality. That is how Colombo & Fille was born! Nothing more."

Colombo & Fille Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2016 @ £13.95 - Buy it here!
A lively blend of Clairette, Roussanne and Bourboulenc from vineyards in the heart of Côtes du Rhône near Cairanne. Intense floral aromas, crisp, fresh citrus characters and a vibrant finish.

Come and grab a few. We're stoked to have it back!