Notorious Pink. We absolutely cannot get enough of this stuff and if you've never given it a go then you're just missing out. Everything about it just shouts "DRINK ME!".

Notorious Pink is a special blush cuvée made from 100% Grenache, the leading grape varietal at Domaine la Colombette in the south of France’s Lanquedoc region. The innovative name, packaging and luxury appeal are the creation of Notorious Wines Inc. Notorious Pink Rosé on it’s own works as a “session” beverage, meaning, you can sip on it responsibly throughout an activity and not worry about getting overly intoxicated. It’s relatively lower alcohol than drinking cocktails and lower in sulphites than white or red wine. Because it’s dry, it yields a lot less calories too.

Notorious Pink Rose 2018 @ £13.95 - Buy it here!
Blush pink in color, Notorious Pink is very aromatic with citrus and red fruit. Floral with crisp and refreshing mineral character.

Simple and amazing. You'll be back for more before you know it. Cheers!