More and more new wine from us. There's a great selection of things to try including this. Its little on the expensive side but for good reason indeed.

This small, authentic boutique winery on Mount Etna, was established by Giuseppe "Peppino" Mulone in 1954. Santa Maria la Nave grows indigenous varieties such as Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio in an ancient vineyard with rich, fertile volcanic soils. Passion and respect for the unique microclimate, along with artisanal vinification are at the heart of the Santa Maria La Nave project. Produced in small quantities, from dramatic surroundings, these are exquisite, food friendly wines.

The 2014 vintage in Italy was very difficult, as much of the country endured flooding. However, despite the abundant rains, the volcanic soil (which absorbs excessive water), the constant winds and strong sun protected the grapes grown on Mount Etna. This unique site has once again produced grapes in perfect condition.


Santa Maria La Nave 'Calmarossa' Etna Rosso 2014 @ £37.95 - Buy it here!

An enticing nose of wild red fruits and vanilla, which are complemented by a touch of cinnamon. A refined structure on the palate with elegant tannins and a harmonious, lingering finish.