It is with great please that we announce the next wine tasting evening and this time we go back to our roots in terms of layout and style with Northern Italy.

This amazing region has incredible amounts of potential and a lot of it is currently being use to it's maximum. Beautiful vineyards host amazing vines and grapes which are worked heavily to produce some of the worlds most fantastic wine. Light and easy to deep and powerful, they do it all and none of it is to be missed.

Our tasting will be the best way to get to grips with what the Italians are capable of. If you love Italian wine or are a novice with it we will guide you through it with all the skill required to make sure you leave knowing much more than you come with. We will be tasting 6 very different wines with a selection of charcuterie, cheeses, breads and all sorts of other classics at around the half-way point but we must remind you that this will almost certainly not equal a meal!

The tasting is going to be held at the shop on Wednesday the 27th of March from 7.30 to 10pm. As our licensing requires us to close the shop by 10pm latest we kindly ask participants to arrive at the shop by 7pm in order to begin on schedule.

The cost of a ticket is £40 and can be purchased either by coming to our highstreet shop (open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-8pm) or by paying through Paypal using our website at:

Don't miss out! There aren't many tickets to go round! Cheers!