This flow of new bottles is just astounding. So many new and interesting styles to try! Such as this beauty. Let's find out a little more.

The lands of the Gigondas appellation are at the very heart of the Rhone Valley, just below the rocky hills of the Dentelles de Montmirail, spreading throughout terraced vineyards, producing superior wines with high ageing potential. For over 2000 years, wines of the region have provided for man’s livelihood.

Joel SAUREL is the youngest of 7 children in a great family of winegrowers. He was raised amongst the scents of soil and an ancestral know-how that combines both tradition and new farming technologies. Saurel is deeply attached to the land, believing that soil is the only true master of a wine, and has thus followed the principles of Integrated Farming production since 1996. The soil is kept alive through careful ploughing and organic fertilizers; everything is sought to bring forth the natural qualities of the soil.

Domaine Saint-Damien Gigondas Vieilles Vignes 2016 @ £22.95 - Buy it here!
Domaine Saint Damien Gigondas is a delicious oak-aged blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Mourvèdre, made at this family estate in the small hamlet of La Baumette just outside the town of Gigondas. The flavours are of ripe, concentrated plum and cinnamon spice; the wine has a fantastic, rich mid-palate which expands onto an exceptional finish.


Spicy and powerful with a real wow factor. Come and get it! Cheers!