Rinazzo rinazzo. We love this stuff and have done for a while now. Syrah from Italy isn't something you find so often. A little read into it is most definitely necessary!

In 1880, Cantine Pellegrino was established by Paolo Pellegrino, a wine grower in Marsala, located on the northwest coast of Sicily. Today, this family-owned company is the region’s leader, with over 300 hectares of vineyards and a range of Marsala DOC, Pantelleria Passito and Moscato wines. Wine has been made here for thousands of years, yet the British bolstered the success of Marsala as a wine capital. Instrumental in developing fortified wines from Portugal’s Oporto and Spain’s Jerez, the firm sought similar products elsewhere. 

In 1773, English trader John Woodhouse stopped in Marsala and was charmed by the local wine. Thus began the production of the fortified wine, Marsala. All Pellegrino wines are produced with indigenous grapes brought by the earliest settlers and which are rarely seen in other regions.

Cantine Pellegrino Rinazzo Syrah 2014 @ £13.95 - Buy it here!
Floral notes of roses blend with aromas of pomegranate and red berries, with notes of black pepper. On the palate, this wine is mellow and well-structured, with spicy notes of cloves, pleasant hints of marasca cherries and plums and notes of rosemary.

They don't mess about down at Pellegrino. They put in the work and out comes beauties like this. Cheers!