People are always asking about gin. We hsve a few to show you but this is one of our favourites. A little different to your usual gin for sure. Lets have a little read...

Guillaume Drouin is a quali ed oenologist and agronomist. After acquiring experience in the elds of wine-making and rum he joined the family business in 2004. Working with his father on the aging of calvados, he took part in the creation of the company's great blends while looking for new product ranges that would highlight original aromatic associations.

Guillaume is a man full of curiosity and enthusiasm. His passion for the world of avours, tasting and the art of blending soon led him towards a new creation, that of a Gin based on the apples from his orchards. Thanks to its method of production and the number of aromatic substances that compose it, this Gin is without any doubt the spirit that offers the broadest possible spectre of composition: an almost in nite eld for creativity, a challenge both rich and fascinating in the search for symbiosis between apples, juniper and aromatics of world-wide origin.

Le Gin de Chrisitian Drouin 2017 Batch @ £41.95 - Buy it here!

Le Gin de Christian Drouin the only Gin incorporating 30 apple varieties. Rose and lemon provide delicacy. Ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and almond give the Gin a smooth, spicy body while cardamom enhances its fruit and roundness in the mouth. Juniper and apple complement one another with their heavy and high notes, spicy and crisp. 

As they only produce just under 3000 bottles a year this one will disappear pretty suddenly so if you're a gin lover don't miss your chance to get one of these!