The sun is trying to force it's way out through the clouds today. Something sunny is in order to go with it! This lovely Riesling from New Zealand should fit very nicely indeed.

"The French oak barrels may be new but the original concrete cellars are little changed since the 1930s.

Walk straight ahead and you’ll see another gate, behind which lies a treasure trove, a bottled inventory of all the wines produced at this Estate since its new era began in 1987.

And what a collection it is. Each bottle holds a memory of vineyards, of nature, of people, of ideas and innovation. Each with its own unique tale adds to the story of Esk Valley Estate as it lives and breathes today, a contradiction of past and present, of trial and error, of craft and technology.

Is it the people who make this place special, or is it the place that makes the people special? It’s hard to answer. What is known is that this little valley with its special microclimate and its panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean is a special place to make wine."

Esk Valley Marlborough Riesling 2015 @ £11.95 - Buy it here!

This is a dry style of Riesling which is versatile and suited to a wide variety of food matches or as an aperitif. It has classic Marlborough Riesling characters of peach, citrus and honey with a long refreshing finish. 


Sound good? Come and grab some! Cheers!