The rain today in London is crazy! What ever shall we do to brighten up the day? How about something white from sunny Portugal?

Altano is produced by the Symington family, known for their long and distinguished history of producing premium Vintage Ports in the Douro, under such labels as Grahams, Warres, Dows and Quinta do Vesuvio. As a natural extension of their interest in and dedication to making Port, the Symingtons began producing Douro DOC table wines seriously in 1999, applying their skill and expertise to ensure that the results reflect their tradition of making the worlds finest wines. Today seven members of the Symington family are involved in the business, personally managing all aspects of winemaking from the vineyard to the final bottling of the wines.

Symington Family, Altano Duoro Branco 2016 @ £9.95 - Buy it here!

From grapes sourced at high altitude, including Moscatel that adds aroma and an exotic twist, this delicious wine from the Symington stable has a limey zing, lovely mineral notes and a clean refreshing finish.

Don't let the rain get you down, this wine is here to lend a shoulder. Cheers!