Now this is something that not many of our customers will have tried in their lives but should be on everyone's bucket list. A great sake is a truly amazing this to behold. But finding a really outstanding sake is no small task. But, as ever, we have undertaken this task and have come up with these... Sakes have been made by the family-owned Tosa brewery since 1877. It is currently run by Muneki Matusmoto (of the sixth generation) who still uses the original brewery 138 years later. It is situated in the beautiful mountainous region called Tosa Ryohoku in the Kochi prefecture. The name of their range, ‘Keigetsu’, is a Japanese term which describes the beautiful evening scene created when the moon hangs over Katsurahama shore.

Keigetsu Tokubetsu Junmai Sake @ £25.95
The ‘Aikawahomare’ Tokubetsu Junmai is made from Hinohikari rice from the Aikawa region polished to 60%. The nose leads with honeydew melon and sweet chestnut paste. The palate is round and silky with yellow peach on the finish, and is true to its ‘tokubetsu’ (‘special’) designation

Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo Sake @ £30.95
The Junmai Daiginjo is made from Gin no Yume rice with a 45% polish. It has soft and delicate aromas of lychee and rose which continue onto the palate. It is dry but wonderfully balanced and has great purity on the finish.

Don't expect these to be here forever. A couple of customers have already vouched for their quality and won't stop coming back!