It took us a little while but it's finally here. A brand new pure viognier. This one from the USA's own Jackson family...

For 30 years, the Jackson family has sustainably farmed and passionately tended our remarkable Santa Maria estate. Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson’s daughters, Katie Jackson and Julia Jackson, grew up among these vines. Drawn to the grit and beauty of winemaking, Katie and Julia continue the family business. Together with Barbara Banke’s keen knowledge of the industry and incredible business sense, Katie’s passion for sustainability and the land, and Julia’s creative backbone and dedication to empowering communities, the women of Cambria shape who we are today.

Cambria Estate, Tepusquet Vineyard Viognier 2015 @ £17.95 - Buy it here!
Bright citrus flavors and aromas (lemon-lime, grapefruit, orange) are the dominant characters in the wine. A balanced acidity enhances the fruit flavors and provides a fresh, crisp finish.

Having been one of the most requested wines I don't think this will be hanging around for a particularly long time. Don't miss your chance to see how the Americans do it!